Sunday, August 11, 2019

Why Obama won Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Why Obama won - Essay Example Campaign strategies are based on what people value and what affects the people. Politicians must always preach practical ideas, things that can be implemented, not ideas that are out of reach. That is where campaign strategies come in. Speaking of campaign strategies, the just concluded United States of America election was based on issues, ideas and issues that give solutions to problems that are very close to the heart of the Americans. United States of America as the most powerful country in the world would never endorse strategies that will drag them behind, strategies that do not consider gender, age, social status, race and any other issue that affect America both within and abroad. President Obama re-election bid was about how United States of America can move forward, and was strategically planned to appeal to the electorates (Americans) as the best strategy for America. President Obama re-election bid was all about issues that affect the poor and the rich, young and old, bla cks and whites, educated and non-educated, gay marriage and straight marriage. Unlike President Obama, his main challenger Mitt Romney’s campaign was majorly based on Obama’s failures, what the president promised and never accomplished. Romney’s ideas were viewed as not to be â€Å"touching† the hearts of Americans. Romney was more of what will be done if he is elected and not how they will be done if elected, unlike president Obama who preach practical ideas and how they will be done. ... President Obama scored 50.5% (61,907,639) while Mitt Romney scooped 49.5% (58,648,640) of the popular votes. President Obama won the election despite the state of the economy because Mitt Romney never addressed issues that have close impact to the live of Americans. Mitt Romney’s stand on legalization of marijuana, same sex marriage, immigration reforms, corporate affairs and dealing with Middle East and China did not correspond well with the Americans views. Unlike Romney, President Obama was able to consolidate the sentiments of emerging voters like legalizing same sex marriage, increase social spending, legalizing the use of marijuana, reforming immigration law and withdrawal of United States of America Military from Afghanistan and Iraq. This gave President Obama an upper hand to wins votes from Hispanics, Black Americans, Millennial and Asians that boosted his victory. Furthermore, President Obama won the election because he was able to appeal to two very important consti tuencies namely; Millennial and Hispanics. These two groups played a very critical role in President Obama’s re-election bid. President Obama’s stand not to deport young illegals should they come to United States of America as a child and has reached the required criteria avoided any bad impact on the state of the economy. Unlike Obama, Mitt Romney view on illegals did not go well with the group thus earning President Obama their votes. According to CNN, the millennial generation, which constitutes of 19% of the total US population up from 17% in the year 2008, 60% - 36% of the millennial generation voted for president Obama. President Obama’s position on gay marriage and immigration reforms

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