Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Benefit to Affordable Housing in Communities - Affordable Housing Research Paper

The Benefit to Affordable Housing in Communities - Affordable Housing Is Not a Detriment To Neighborhoods - Research Paper Example Affordable housing is an indispensable part of all communities they are not detriment to neighborhoods, and when they get done correctly they will have a positive economic impact. People require decent housing to be happy, healthy and successful. The in affordability of housing is a serious problem, mostly in the growing cities where the demand of affordable housing exceeds the stock of less expensive and older residences. Increasing the affordability of housing helps solve problems and achieve other planning objectives. These include: 1. Reduce the homelessness and its associated problems. 2. Flexibility and financial savings to lower income households. 3. Accommodating students, lower wage workers, hence supporting local economic development. 4. Allows aging in place. Affordable and accessible housing that are suitable for disable people allows residents to stay in their community through the changes. 5. Road and parking facility cost saving. The residents can help reduce parking c ongestion and the costs of parking to the government and businesses. 6. Increased levels of economic opportunity. An improved access to employment and education leads to increased rates of employment and wages. ffordability requires more than low mortgages and rents. True, affordable housing should [sic] affordable accessible housing, i.e. lower priced housing situated where the basic services are easily accessible without the use of automobiles. Affordable accessible housing allows the households with different incomes, needs and abilities to live as one in diverse and attractive neighborhoods. Affordable housing is, therefore, not detriment to the neighborhoods but offer the chance of people living together in harmony Affordable housing organizations become primarily concerned with providing help to many low and moderate income households to achieve significant and affordable housing. Housing, however, affects the surrounding neighborhoods they get located in, together with the li ves of the residents. Nevertheless, properly managed and designed affordable housing can have a positive impact on the property values in the surrounding areas. The impact of affordable housing on property values The major reason for the opposition directed towards the development of affordable housing is the idea that the surrounding property values will get affected. Having new affordable housing creates concerns over the development of poorly maintained structures, negative changes in the neighborhood ways of life and lead to increased crime. These problems should be weighed against the ways that the development of affordable housing projects could impact the values of the surrounding property values positively. These developments could take the form of rehabilitation of dilapidated buildings and vacant lots. Affordable housing could be maintained and managed well (Ahrentzen 17). Developments of affordable rental projects with nonprofit management get found to have positive impac ts

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