Friday, August 16, 2019

My Aim in Life Essay

Aim is the target which we want to achieve towards which our physical and mental abilities are focused. Life is the period which starts from the time of birth and ends at death. People have their own strength, culture and liking. Depending upon these elements people have different kinds of aims in life. For example, some people are doctors, engineers, Charter Accountants, pilots, teachers and many more. Our life is too short so we have to strive to attain our aim with all our hard work. The main objective for achieving the aim is to get material pleasures, mental happiness as well as satisfaction. Once a person achieves his aim he can live a prosperous life. My aim in life is to become a successful gynecologist. Gynecologist is a doctor which deals with the health of female reproductive system. To accomplish this aim I am planning to study +2 in India taking Science as the main subject after I attend my SLC examinations. After that I want to become a medical student of a top university of gynecology. I will attend different kinds of trainings, research and programs. This profession is also respected all over the world. I have been inspired by one of the top gynecologist of Nepal, Dr. Supatra Koirala. The present scenario of the reproductive healthcare of the women in Nepal in overall is not satisfactory. Due to this, the maternal and child mortality rate of our country is very high. I would conduct different awareness programs in the remote areas of our country and provide free medical services to the economically back warded people and be a helping hand for the development of my country. Thus, once I achieve my aim I would help to improve the reproductive and sexual healthcare of the women countrywide. I want to make the women of my society healthier and happier. By becoming a gynecologist, I would live a prosperous life and be a productive and global citizen of my country.

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