Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Psychological Disorders Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Psychological Disorders - Essay Example Psychological disorders are known to be harmful, and dysfuntional when they are labeled to be behaviors such as, atypical, disturbing, maladaptive, and unjustifiable (Myers 2006, pg.522). Although there is medical treatment available for many of these psychological problems, the reaction to the treatment varies from person to person. In that regard it can not be wholly stated that these diseases, in themselves (such as major depression), can be effectively treated by prescribed drugs at all times. When a specialist makes a claim that such a disorder is not a psychological problem, it creates an adversity on those who struggle with the illness themselves and, it makes many feel as if they are being compromised when trying to stress how the disorder has impacted their lives to a medical practitioner or psychiatrist. However, it can be understood why a statement such as this would be made because it has taken the medical world nearly twenty years to realize that a major depressive disor der is a severe psychological problem. Beforehand, the attitude did exist that it wasn't that serious and that it could be medically treated in an efficient manner with prescribed drugs to alter the pattern of the illness (Field et al, 2000, pg.71).

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