Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tourism Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tourism Management - Assignment Example Policies will frame the way in which tourists will be guided to behave and in what activities will be acceptable within a region. Policies provide a framework in which all the stakeholders can work, with an agreement on what the goals and objectives of the activity of tourism will fulfill. 2. Why might a major stakeholder not wish to participate in the policy process? Answer: If a policy conflicts with the goals of a stakeholder, or if being a part of the process is in conflict with the integrity of that process, the stakeholder might want to opt out of participating in creating policies. When the policy conflicts with the goals of the stakeholder, the option to participate and help form those policies is one way to gain advantages that are desired. However, if it is clear that policies will be in direct conflict with goals, the stakeholder may choose to not participate in the policy process, but find other means to accomplish those goals through circumventing those policies as oppos ed to participate and be held responsible for working within them. ... 3. How might tourism policy differ from countries, states/provinces, and cities? Why might it differ? Answer: Different internal policies between different governing parties will change how tourism policy will vary. As an example, a country that is developing and in a state of economic hardship might put the needs of its immediate needs of its people well above the needs to develop high levels of sustainability. Today’s starvation might be a higher priority to tomorrow’s environmental peril. Another region may need to preserve their natural resources in order to sustain the tourism industry and put high levels of environmentally related policies into place. The nature of the policies that are developed will be in direct relationship to the overall benefits that those policies will provide. The nature of success needed will have the greatest impact on the nature of the policies. 6. What is the difference between a tourism policy and a tourism strategy? Answer: Tourism po licy is a framework within which a strategy is created. The policy, for example, might be to protect a region and preserve the natural environment from damaging types of intrusion. A strategy might be to create structured tours in order to encourage tourists to experience the area without harming its natural ecosystem. The policy is the rule, the strategy is how the rule is used to create benefit. 10. Must there be total consensus by all stakeholders on the content of a region's tourism policy? If not, how would you determine if there was adequate support for the different components of a policy? Answer: There are two sides to the answer to a question concerning policy. One answer will benefit the stakeholder, while the other will benefit the environment that it

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