Friday, October 18, 2019

Reaction paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Reaction paper - Essay Example Then there is also evidence and the credibility of those who tell an account. What is apparent is that in history there is oftentimes a victor and a villain and the revisionists’ role is to shed light on the facts buried in all other propaganda. The role of the reader now becomes to judge for himself what he should believe in. This is the very nature of the two accounts of what happened in World War II and even World War I by Benjamin Freedman and Dr. Frederick Toben. From the introduction of Freedman before his speech, he was introduced as a former Jew. He was an insider and a friend of Jews before he converted into Christianity. This leads the listener into curiosity of why he would leave his religion by birth for another, especially when you have the opportunity of having belonged to the Jewish community which is almost impenetrable. The reason, it goes, is his outrage of Zionists who manipulate for their gain. Freedman starts by the presentation of the etymology of Judea a s biblical place mentioned in the Bible. It is referred to as a province of Rome and from this stemmed out the term Jews who dispersed throughout the world and found their presence in Europe. The Jews have since then taken over a large enterprise of tremendously profitable businesses.

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