Thursday, October 17, 2019

Risk Factors of Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Risk Factors of Culture - Research Paper Example â€Å"Business has†, Ball & Wendell submit, â€Å"entered the era of the one-world market. Increasingly, companies are going overseas to attain sales and profits unavailable to them in their home markets.† (1993:6) In addition, since technological revolution has made communication and traveling very fast and speedy, it has also become very convenient for the individuals to travel to even the remotest corners of the globe for business, education and employment purposes. Consequently, the fast means of traveling have brought the nations closer to each other and have paved the way towards the formation of diversified corporate culture particularly in the USA, China and the Western World. As a result, the individuals having different cultural backgrounds are now working shoulder to shoulder with one another under one roof in various corporate firms as workers and employees, which has given birth to the idea of cultural amalgamation and outsourcing. Thus, cultural amalgamati on has altered the entire corporate atmosphere from top to bottom, where the professionals belonging to different racial, ethnic and religious groups have to work as colleagues, bosses and sub-ordinates under one and the same environment. Not only this that the businesses have witnessed imperative boom and escalation in the aftermath of cultural diversification, and has proved extremely profitable for the companies, but also such a profound development has turned out to be beneficial for the consumers and end-users, because the incurring of the global talent has given a go to the manufacturing of innovative products and wide range of choice available for the consumers in the market. Consequently, the concept of universal co-existence has helped out in respect of mitigating the prejudices like nationalism and regionalism, and businesses observe unabated flourishing at global level. In the same way, there have appeared inevitable risks of some negative impacts too

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