Sunday, September 29, 2019

JFK Inaugural Speech Essay Essay

Patriotic yet hopeful, John F. Kennedy urges the American citizens to act as a community with the rest of the world. Anaphora and abstract words aid him in highlighting his hopes for the pursuit of community in the world. Hortative and imperative sentences were also strongly delivered in his speech to justify what the citizens of America should be doing to make these hopes become a reality. With these devices, the pursuit of a sense of community between America and the rest of the world is desired amongst the American citizens and international audience. Claim) Kennedy reaches out to the citizens’ emotional sense through abstract words in his clever application of anaphora. Evidence) â€Å"To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends.† Kennedy delivers passionately these abstract words, such as â€Å"cultural† and â€Å"loyalty† to emotionally arouse the citizens in a positive way. He continues by elaborating about and creating pledges with anaphora to further appeal to the American citizens’ emotions. â€Å"To those old allies†, â€Å"To those new states†, â€Å"To those people in huts and villages†, â€Å"To our sister republics south of our border†, and â€Å"To that world assembly of sovereign states, the United Nations† tie the world together through the pledges that follow this anaphora that Kennedy makes in the name of America. â€Å"Let both sides explore†, â€Å"Let both sides, for the first time, formulate†, â€Å"Let both sides seek to invoke†, and â€Å"Let both sides unite† was declared by Kennedy shortly after to show how â€Å"both sides† should come together also in rhythmic, catchy application of anaphora. Insight) Kennedy was able to captivate the American citizens through their emotional convictions through these rhetorical devices. Anaphora is applied to put great emphasis on these pledges and shift the speech to its climax. Abstract words create an emotional arousal in the citizens that should cause them to act on those pledges. This gets them to pay closer attention and feel more involved. Claim 2) Kennedy exposes his earnest attitude on the matter of having the world come together through his sentence selection of hortative and imperative.

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