Friday, September 27, 2019

Com 425 Week 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Com 425 Week 4 - Essay Example The arguments of the article may seem obvious, but the author has a point. Many people send and receive emails without prior consideration of who is being addressed. There is need to evaluate and assess all parties involved, appreciate their position within the business line and consequently address them accordingly. It is important to uphold mutual respect in such email exchanges. The tips provided seem obvious, but they are equally essential. The author of the article has identified mishaps in sending and receiving of emails between and among communicating parties. Some of the presented cases and points to remember are rather an application of mere common sense. However, the same points are hardly applied b senders and receivers of emails. The article may be analyzed for and against its arguments. Most of the tips however are sensible and should be observed when sending emails. Ignorance of such tips is likely to trigger misunderstandings or conflict of interest in business undertakings when the recipient gets different information from an email other than the one intended by the sender (Heather & Graves, 2011). The only tip that appears kind of absurd is that of watching one’s tone when composing an email. This is a hard to determine as the sender composes an email. Due to the ambiguity associated and brought about by the watch your tone tip, the author should have outlined a way through which email senders can evaluate the tone of their composed emails before sending them. The tip should have been elaborated and a guideline to determining one’s tone in writing provided. Computer-mediated communication is integral to almost every bit of sending and receiving information. Technological advancements have aided this process with computer communication making a contemporary mode of communication around the world. Knowledge and skills of computer use have highly increased.

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