Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Forty Fruity Company Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Forty Fruity Company - Essay Example The company holds that it provides something for everybody, a reason for its choice of location (AIJN, 2008). The management at the company believes that as much as they do not promise eternal life and instant beauty to their clients, they advise that regularly drinking juice make them feel full of energy. FortyFruity Company runs through delicious, healthy, and nutritious item products as the product line. The company enlists milkshakes, delicious juices, and fruit salads on its menu prepared and presented in an upscale and bright environment. They become brighter, develop smoother skins, a smile that matches the complexion, as well as lose weight. Furthermore, they have a happier and healthier lifestyle. FortyFruity opened its doors to clients in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in two thousand and two. The company offered an exceptional concept concentrating in provision of fresh fruit salad and fresh juices to the fruit market. The company operates based on three primary goals in the FortyFruity business network. The fundamental goals are outstanding customer service, provision of highest quality fresh juices and fresh fruit salad, as well as affordable prices to all the clients. Since the company aims at ensuring that, a real combination of healthy and tasty drinks reaches the cus tomer’s table, then the location. The management should ensure that other outlets of the company are in densely populated areas. It will help the company get closer to the customers their clients, which will bring the difference between their accessibility and their competitors. It should add proper means of transporting or serving their customers to wherever they need. Their creamy and tasty shakes ought to have a combination of vanilla yoghurt, milk, and fruits (Groenewald, 2009). Customers consider the creamy shakes special products. The company will, and then squeezes the juice from fresh fruits to make their juice products more marketable. Forty Fruits holds

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