Monday, February 17, 2020

CLUB IT Part Two Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

CLUB IT Part Two - Essay Example Ruby’s existing website is currently being updated. Ruby’s already has one desktop work station equipped with at 320 GB hard drive and the latest version of Microsoft business software. The club is already equipped with high speed internet access. At the same time, in order to make use of these resources, Ruby’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) must incorporate the acquisition of new hardware, software and human resources. The required upgrades will include: Hardware: One new desktop, with similar specifications as the existing work station. Three new hand-held point-of-sale devices, one wireless internet router, and four additional power points in customer dining areas. Human Resources: Ruby’s will hire one new employee full-time with basic skills in programming and network management. Maintaining the website and in-store network will be this employees primary function, but he or she should also have basic customer services skills and be able to assist and fill in for wait staff and hostesses during IT â€Å"down time.† These resources will allow Ruby’s to expand its online sales as well as to adapt to future IT changes, thus allowing Rub’s to take full advantage of our customer base. First, Ruby’s will expand its online ordering system to include not only advance ticket sales, but also an expanded line of merchandise as well as exclusive online sales of featured artists’ mp3’s and compact discs. Finally, in addition to Ruby’s new schedule of live hip hop, R &B and Latin music and community events, Ruby’s plans to host weekly Tuesday and Thursday â€Å"quiet† happy hours designed to appeal to millennial and net users; students and creative workers who work from home. Customers will be able to access free wireless and numerous power-points throughout Ruby’s customer seating area. Supply Chain and Customers: In addition to failing to take advantage of existing resources and customer base,

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