Thursday, November 21, 2019

Globalization And Fashion Merchandising Assignment

Globalization And Fashion Merchandising - Assignment Example Globalization is easy for some parts and very hectic for others, simply because of the gaps in the different economies, levels of technology and other factors such as state regulations. All the same, Globalization in fashion is an aspect that most states advocate for as a catalyst for their economy especially because the media has made everything easier. Every section of the media has information on fashion from music videos to the internet; most of them apply as marketing strategies and source of knowledge on fashion trends and the international market, at large. StrengthsGlobalization has made it easier for everyone in the fashion business especially in terms of accessing material and other necessities that were initially hard to find. For instance, textile producers import products at fair prices because it is a market with augmented attention from different dominant states on a global scale. Apparel firms have branches in multiple countries creating job opportunities and getting readily available labor at reasonable payments; obviously, with such connections and relationships, transnational companies continue to develop at an impressive pace. Retailers also benefit for globalization in unimaginable ways; for instance, they initially visited foreign countries in search of materials giving them knowledge on fashion to a point that they are able to predict trends. In leading states, most retailers multitask and have private labels that give them an economic advantage on local and international levels.

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