Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lessening Secondhand Smoke on Children Research Paper - 2

Lessening Secondhand Smoke on Children - Research Paper Example e deaths around the world and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke has some adverse effects on the people adoption of strategies to reduce this form of some would include the following interventions. Creating smoking bans and restrictions within certain places. This would involve implementation of policies and regulations which are aimed at limiting or controlling the use of tobacco within designated areas (Mills, White, Pierce, & Messer, 2010). These approaches are strongly effective based on scientific evidence regarding exposure to ETS. This also has some effects on reducing the amount of smoke within the environment since some people become deterred from smoking (Mons, Nagelhout, Allwright, Guignard, Putte, Willemsen, & Breitling, 2010). Conducting community education among the parents and teachers about the relevance of reducing smoking. This will be undertaken in seeking to create awareness on the various individuals, including children, regarding the positive outcomes of reduced smoking. The education interventions will motivate individuals to modify their smoking behaviors in the effort to reduce the ETS. Tobacco use initiation is described as the behaviors by individuals, who are non-smokers to begin smoking. Different interventions can be undertaken to reduce these initiations and they include the following. Increasing the price of tobacco products – this is a legislative measure which seeks to increase the price so that people become deterred from using these products (Hiscock, Bauld, Amos, Fidler, & Munafo, 2012). Although these are various factors which affect the possibility of people smoking, the cost factor plays a fundamental role to which effect since people must consider their costs. Mass media campaigns – these can be combined with other interventions, like education to the general public. These campaigns are focused at providing information to the general public regarding the importance of living a tobacco free lifestyle (Martens,

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